Ethics in Public Relations

As public relations professionals, it’s easy to think that your intentions are separate from those of a journalist. Maybe some people mistake public relations and marketing or think PR is a method for selling something. This is why practicing good ethics is imperative to being successful in the world of public relations. Ethical issues in … Continue reading Ethics in Public Relations

Trials and tribulations of InDesign

  As an aspiring public relations professional, I understand the importance of utilizing and learning new tools to make you a competitive applicant in the job market and the importance of building skills to help you in your career. As a result, I was excited to learn about how to use Adobe InDesign. I came … Continue reading Trials and tribulations of InDesign

Newseum Trip

  With the current climate between the news and politics, the Newseum is a space I really appreciate. With its collections of artifacts, workshops in ethics, and galleries covering news history, the Newseum displays a wide variety of content. As someone that wants to work in the world of words, and in public relations, an … Continue reading Newseum Trip